Damaged sectors?

I have an 32x liteon ltr32125W

i tried overclocking to 40x and 48x

but it doesnt matter what i do.
i tried burning at 24x 32x 40x 48x
i always get damaged sectors after the burn

i have used several versions of nero including the latest one.

stuff i tried to burn are movies, so its one big file.

how come i cant just write a perfect cd??

i tried using datatrack cds (48x)
and also 2 other brands, both both here at cdfreaks shop, and both were an a-brand (thats what they say)

so im afraid its my writer.

anyone got any ideas of fixing this…

or do i really need another writer to fix this?
if so… whats a REALLY good burner on ide, but of course still is affordable?

Some of the 5-series drives just do not take well to O/C, suggest you flash it back to 32x firmware.

even with the original i had it and still had it after clocking back.
also with a firmware upgrade for the model itself :frowning:

Time to upgrade? Really upgrade, not to overclock? :confused:

I had a same thing, had 40125S overclocked to x48. It was good till it started to do what your’s does on all media. I bought like 6 kinds of media, same thing. I had the drive returned. Now I got a new drive, a real 48x model. It rocks. It writes “green” on all media I bought at x48. So, it was not the media. Get a new drive. I bet overclocking is killing some thing in the drive and in time they go bad and start writing yellow sectors. I had like 50-75% of yellow. Now is ZERO. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I knew, I’d not overclock. Now I’m not gonna overclock to x52 my x48. I’m not killing it for a few secs faster writing speed. :cop:

you returned the drive and got a new one??
or did you bought a new one?
i cant bring back mine and get a new one in place for it, its too old for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I did RMA it.

The drive was working 100% when it was new. Then after a while it just started the thing with yellow sectors. At times even 1-2 red ones.