Damaged sectors on CD

After testing some cdrs after burning I ran CDSpeed 2000 1.0 and some cdrs I get 1 or 2 yellow squares which are meant to be damaged.

Now, the question I have is this: Are they damaged due to burning or the cdr was damaged due to production process?

The cd is still readable and does not cause any problems.

It could be a bad CD.

You could have a bad burner.

You might be burning at a speed higher than the media can fully handle.

It’s really a mix of any of those.

It could also be that your CD-Reader is reading the CD too fast / bad.
You may want to check it with another CD-Reader. :slight_smile:

I am burning with TEAC CD-W540E burner.
I don’t get any errors or damaged blocks with the Verbatim DataLifePlus Super Azo 24x or 40x.
Would it be a case that my burner does not like certain cdr media?
Even if there are no damaged marks can you still have errors on the cd?

If you test these disks on a different burner, you will probably get
a different reading. Even if you re-test it on the same burner, my
experience has been that I will get a different reading of damaged
sectors if damaged sectors exceeds more than 1%. One can conclude compatability of disc with burner is a major component of
determining what is damaged. Test it with a cd with a high damaged reading. Most severe example I had was an all-speec TDK which has damaged readings of 40-50% on my Liteon while it shows 0% on my Teac burner. However, unreadable sectors are identical. The data was video and it plays on both burners except the unreadable sector.

I will try reading it in a different cdrom/cdrw but I don’t think it bothers me that much. The data cd works well and I don’t notice any problems.

At the end of the day I will be using verbatims or sony or mitsui gold where I consistently get good results.

CDSpeed claims to be measuring C2 errors. These are read errors, and will be completely different from one drive to another. A poorly written CDR will show some degree of read errors on most every drive you read it in. Depends on the drives read-capability. Some CDRW drives are poor readers, some will slow the read speed to 4x or less to read those difficult sectors with no errors. The main thing is to always check for read errors on the same machine. CDSpeed is best used as a tool to compare the results of different write speeds, different media, etc. In most cases, the result you are looking for is “0” errors, and a full-speed read session.

On some CDs I burn, there are also Unreadable RED sectors alongwith Damaged Yellow sectors as per Scandisk of CDSpeed.

So, I ran the File Test from CD speed. All files are readable.

Then how come the unreadable sectors.
:rolleyes: :confused:

Do a search on CDSpeed or red sectro or something, covered many times. Unisntalling + reg deletion + a fresh new install of Nero got rid of last-sector-red madness for good. 9 months on, data / vcd / svcd / data-divx, DAO / TAO - never a problem now.