'Damaged' sector on CDrs w/lite-on?

[i]I was burning along with a Lite-on 32-12-40, and I decided to use the Nero CD Speed util, to do a file & surface scan on the CDrs. It reported that the first CDR (CMC) had 1 damage block, and the other CDR (Fuji Ty’s) had 2 damage blocks.

They seem to work OK though.
What exactly is meant by “Damaged”? Does this mean that the CDR will fail? I can’t find any info on this.
Any clues on what is going on?
Well, forgot to check the media forum, and found the answer thanks to the :bow: FAQ (Now, I need to see if they are C1 or C2 errors?! So you can ignore the above. :slight_smile: The below still is a issue though.

Also, my drive is making a very loud noise with the CMC media, it didn’t do this before, and the drive is under 1 year old… only seems to be making this loud spin up noise (sorta like vibrations) on the CMC stuff.

Nah its ok if you get a small amount damaged blocks, depening on quality of the media and speed of burn it can happen. It just means when the block is damamged that the CDreader had to relly on error correction data to read the data off the cd. Funny enough if you used a different drive for reading this cd you may not get any damaged blocks at all. It all depends on the cd reader since they all work deferently.

Revive an old thread sorry. I’ve got an Audio CD I love but a few sectors are reported as damaged by Nero (there are some scratches on it :-() This means that the drive can still read the data (1:1) but it may struggle? Or does it mean the data is unreadable and so it guesses what data is there? I don’t understand what the error correction does, how does the drive know that the data it’s reading is damaged and how does it correct it?