Damaged PSP UMD Drive?


For those of you who have a PSP, just wanted some help here. Ive managed to drop my psp twice by accident and now ive noticed something abit dodgy with the UMD drive. Not sure whether it was there to start with, as ive only had real close look at things since ive dropped it.

Is anyone elses UMD drive like this or is it properly sealed? Its not that big of a problem but id like to put my mind at rest or quickly fix it before it gets any worse.

The only danger I can see is that it could get caught and pulled off badly, if you are careful in the future their shouldnt be a problem, however judging by the fact you have allready dropped it twice I would say not. I would find out how much it would cost to repair, and then base that on how much care you are prepaired to take care of it.

Ben :slight_smile:

bcn_246 very nice way on putting it.

mines the same nd it always has been. its cos sony made it badly by puttin the latch on only one side nd puttin the spring on the other.

i have the same problem and mines is like that cause my UMD drive is busted! :sad:

I havn’t dropped mine yet (maybe later), but you can rest your mind because my door is like that too.

mines like that aswell

based on my opinion i think that the part umd door that is bogging out is because of the spring is to tight .

mine wasn’t like that until I dropped it a few weeks back. Question is, will it damage the UMD?

I’ve got two of them and they are both like that, one a little worse than the other, but both show a little gap on the one end. Bottom line, they have both worked fine for nearly a year so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve also dropped one of mine a couple times and it’s still ticking.

(I’ve got two because i found one on the ground beside my car in a mall parking lot about 10 months ago and my son likes to use both of them to play Star Wars Battle Front with his friends, so I just kept it.)

mine wont read the umd disc. howd you fix it?

Hey acruxksa !!
That was mine you found near your car! It had the little gap and all… so please tell me your address and I will pick it up :smiley:

Do anyone know how much it cost when your psp doesn’t read the game at all.

I came here to research the same problem and yes my PSP is a week old and seems to have UMD slot issues too,you can also detach it from that side as well and it dosn’t seem to be fixed it can snap off and snap back,i think the older model PSP was better made.

wow…someone dug up a 6 year old thread! and yes, mine does this too!