Damaged PS1 Disk Final Fantasy 7


I’m hoping you all can help me. I have FF7 Greatest Hits edition. And I really want to play it again. But theres something wrong with the disks. I want to play it on an emulator when I’m away from home. But when I try to make an image, it stops at about 90%. Saying unreadable sector. I found one of the files thats damaged, it gives me the error cyclical redundancy error.

The last time I played the game it worked fine on the PS2. And the disks haven’t come out of the case since.

Is the disk @#$%ed or if I try using one of those disk cleaners that removes scratches will it be ok.

Besides being my favorite game, it’s worth alot of money.

Am I screwed?



Actually now that I think about it, I played it on my PS1 then I got a PS2 and I don’t think I played it again.

If you can see visible scratches on the disc, try using a disk doctor on it. Most of the time it will fix it to where you can read it again.

Do you mean one of those kits where you use a cleaning liquid, of the one that grinds down a layer of plastic. I’ve heard the ones that grind can cause more damage than good.

I have used a disk doctor for more than 5 years now, and have done it to the same cd’s at least 3 times, on games that my nephew used in his ps2. It has not failed me yet.

The idea, is that if the disc is badly scratched, to get it repaired to where you can make a good working copy, and then stop using the original or be more careful with it.