Damaged IDE Pins and Corrupted Drive

Recently - I damaged 2 IDE pins by inserting the IDE cable the wrong way and forced two IDE pins inwards - I managed to pull them back out and now they seem ok - although the bios detects the Hard drive - I cannot access the data since it the disk is now corrupted.

I am not sure whether the pins are ground pins - because I do not know from where to start counting as per http://www.bbdsoft.com/ide.html.

Looking at the bottom of the hard drive and from left to right and from top to bottom - it would be pin 20 and 40 or 39 because there is an empty spot in the middle.

Can anyone help me to retrieve the data or arrange my hard drive - It is a Hitachi 250 GB


Kind Regards


Is the solder joints for the pins good, look underneath the drive. Sounds like you could have cracked or broken, a solder joint or two.

Welcome to the forum, like Robbi says check the connector for damage. You will need a fine tip sodering iron. If possible you can resoder using existing amount.