Damaged GCC-4240N

I have damaged my GCC-4240N, when flashing, the flasher program has stop :doh: , but I think that he didn’t finish his job, because after that it’s dead :sad: . It’s not detected by bios and the green LED is on all the time :eek: .
I have tried with flashup.exe from Hitachi Lg but it can’t detect the drive.
Can anyone help me :bow: ?

Thank you!

How did it stop? It stopped right during the actual flashing process? In which case, the only solution is probably to get a replacement.

I have solved my problem :). I have started the Laptop with a Philips DVD writer, then I have replaced :wink: “on the fly” the Philips with my GCC-4240N and I have run flashup.exe from Hitachi Lg with de /r :bigsmile: option. I Don’t need a new one for a while :bow: . The GCC-4240N from a Compaq :smiley: can be flashed with a Dell Firmware, or With a IBM Firmware. The Firmware from IBM is the latest, and it’s version 0214 release date 22-Aug-2003 (old).