Damaged file!

Okay, this is my first post here so I hope someone can tell me what is the reason for my problem!

Two months ago I watched a film from a normal CD(not DVD) and everything was OK.
Yesterday I watched the same film again from the CD and it interrupts at 2 specific places and freezes.
There is not a single scratch on the CD becouse I take great care of my CDs.

So how can the media file be corrupted or damaged?
Has anyone experienced the same problem?

What format is the CD? Normal .avi/mpg? SCD? SVCD?


Yes I had the same problem with Data CD’s after a few years the CD’s were unreadable, it’s a sign of Bad Quality CD’s , what I would do is back anything that is important up onto some Good Quality CD’s wile the CD’s are still readable.

It is MPEG format and the Media file is simply copy/pasted on the CD.
Sorry for the delayed reply!

I had the same problem today, but i heard that there are some programes that help repair such discs.

Anybody out there knows of such a thing? :confused:

here is one

You can also try ISO Buster from here http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/ I should work if the disk has errors on it.