Damaged CD

One of my CDs has significant read issues. The first 10 tracks can be played without problem. The 11th track sputters a bit before not playing at all. The other tracks can’t be read at all. I get the same results on 2 stand-alone players as well as my computer’s player.

A visual inspection showed no scratches, etc. To be on the safe side, I cleaned the CD with a mild solution of Dawn and warm water, rinsed it off and dried it with a soft cloth.

The CD still doesn’t play. Any suggestions?



Assuming that it’s a regular cd player that will not play the disc. Try to read the disc in your computer reader with a program such as imgburn to an image file and then write it to a new disc. If that reading doesn’t work, then not much to do as you already tried to clean it.

Thanks, Gummigutta. It worked like a charm. I now have a CD copy.