Damaged cd any software

I have a cd that may be damaged, stratched. I tried using alcohol 120% to make an iso of the cd, and the iso gets created to 50% then it stops reading the cd. Is there any way, any software I can try to use to recover this cd.

this mainly depends on your reading device.
so, if the error-correction of your current drive won’t be good enough for the scratches on the cd, it might be a chance to use another drive with a better error-correction.
try it with all your drives, if it does not work, try it maybe @ one of your friends or @ work or wherever you have access to a pc…

Try ISOBuster?


Get a Disk Doctor and clean it. I have saved many cd’s with mine. It hasn’t failed me yet.

If the cd isn’t copy protected, your best options are to make an image either with-

a) discdump in standard mode; or
b) CloneCD (with .cue) with Regenerate Data Sectors, Fast Error Skip and Intelligent Bad Sector Scan (sector skip 20) options checked.

Then burn the image from the cue sheet with Fireburner using Session-at-once (i.e. SAO cooked).

Be prepared for the image making to take a considerable time though. If the disc is badly damaged it may well take several hours.

Try recovery software like Easy Recovery Pro, Bad Cd Repair, or Bad Copy.

Im Looking For A Software That Can Make Readeble My A Bad Burned Cd Again

If U Know Some Software Please Tell Me

Thanks Ahead

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