Damaged Block on all Audio CDR/CDRW?

I seems to be getting an damaged blocked on every Audio/Music CDR CDRW that I burned, why is that?

I used Nero CD Speed’s ScanDisc feature, and it display an damaged block (yellow) on every music/audio CDR/RW if there is any data on it…

Is this part of what’s about the byte that let you record on jukebox… etc?

Help plz :bow:

Are you talking about those special discs designed for music?

Hmz, never used them since they are the same as other CD-R’s just costs more and have that bit changed so they work in external music recorders.

Yea, I’m talking about those Music CDR/RW.
And In CompUSA, I found that Smart Buy’s (Prodisc) CDRW 5 pack is actually cheaper then all the rest… Well, they work, but I always get that yellow block at the end…
So is this normal?
I tried full erase in CCD, and then re-burn…
seems that block is still in the last :a
Can anybody do a test with this?
Thanks :bow:

Hmm, I always get a unreadable sector in the end of the CD. I thought this was just an issue with my Lite-On 32x. But I scanned some cd’s burnt with my old HP 8210i, same thing with those CD’s.

Any suggestions what might the problem? Or is it normal?

Nero, Disc at Once. Scanned with Nero CD Speed.


Had a red sector at the end of every cd (even though the files were fully readable) until I got rid of all nero stuff (including registry) and then reinstalled with the latest build (had updated to latest build before that) - now never a red sector at the end of the burn (everything all green with good media, but slight slow-down or yellow sectors elsewhere with bad media).