Damaged 1635S

I have a Sony DW-Q30A, a rebadged Lite-On 1635S. I have been running overspeed firmware from Codeguys (1635S.YS0Z.patched-fbd-16xOS-rs.exe) for a while, and all has been good thus far.

Recently, I started to get some weird burns. As the drive reached 12x (using Verbatim 16x azo dye single-layer media) the drive buffer would fill and empty repeatedly, then recording speed would drop down to 6x and stay there for the remainder of the burn.

Today, the drive stopped recognizing that it had media inserted. I opened the case and found that the spindle motor has some ball bearings rattling around loose inside it.

It seems to me that I’ve burned up the spindle motor, possibly because of the faster speeds called for by the patched firmware? Has anyone heard of or seen this before?

If anyone has a dead drive or something that is compatible, I REALLY like the drive and would like to save it. I can replace the motor myself, assuming I can GET another motor… If anyone has one that would work, I’d be grateful to have it! Ping me in PM if you can help with that.

I’m curious to see if this is a known problem or not, I am assuming it is a fluke… Did they use better quality motors in the faster/later drives or something? I also see there’s a newer version of the patched firmware… No idea what is different or improved there, anyone know?


AFAIK all latest Litey’s have these “loose” balancer ball bearings (also my LH-18A1P), see attachment.

I’ve hard to believe patched firmware has anything to do with it (bacause it shouldn’t effect 16x burning).

Clean drives eeprom with C0deKing’s eeprom utility. Reflash drive with stock firmware and try again. :wink:

azraphale, thanks to Jan70’s most thorough review, this page will explain the ball bearings:

This problem is unlikely to be the spindle motor. Just so you know, the faster speeds used for burning with the patched firmware are no faster than reading, so if you used your drive for nothing but reading it would get more of a work out than if you used it for burning all of the time. :wink:

It’s a pity you pulled your drive apart before posting, because buffer under runs are more likely to be caused by your system, then a problem with the drive. Your drive is slowing it’s burn speed because it is not receiving enough data quick enough to continue writing at this speed, and to avoid lots of relinks, it will slow its speed to allow a continuous write.

Does it do the same thing when you create a disc using Nero CD/DVD Speed and not with an image file?

[B]Edit:[/B] Ah, two answers for the price of one. pinto2 beat me to it. :wink:

Huh, far out. I’d never noticed the ball bearings before, so I’d assumed it was a symptom. Apparently not.

I didn’t pull the drive apart because it was topping out at 12x and then cutting back (and I wish I had a FireWire enclosure to test with – I have a feeling I’m hitting the bandwidth cap for USB 2.0, although I have one more trick up my sleeve to try if I can get the drive working again). I pulled it apart when it stopped recognizing ANY disc inserted in it to see if I could find anything obviously wrong with it mechanically. No dice. Cleaned the laser with optical-grade lint-free wipes and pro DSLR sensor cleaning fluid to no avail. Reset everything in the EEPROM and re-flashed with Sony’s stock firmware, no change.

This happened basically out of the blue… One day it was reading and burning fine, the next it wasn’t even TRYING to read discs. It closes the door, engages the disc, and then spins for about half a second before the access light goes out. With a healthy disc of any kind it’ll spin up faster and read for 2-3 seconds, determining what is in it and then mounting the volume in XP, and it won’t do that at all any more for anything – burned CD-R, burned DVD+R, commercial DVD-ROM, commercial CD… Nada.

Any clues would be helpful, I really don’t want to throw the drive away. For the life of me, I can’t imagine what the problem could be… I will try the drive with a different IDE->USB adapter just in case the problem lies there. Windows sees the drive just fine, though, and I can eject from software and can see the drive in burning and info apps…

Mysteries. :sad: :confused:

Sounds like its time to spend $30.00 for a new drive> :frowning:

Grr. I didn’t really start burning on this until a month or two ago. How @!#%%*&^ annoying. Maybe Lite-On isn’t as great as I’d heard after all.

I have mine since it 1st came out, almost 2 years, have burned close to 500 discs and the 1635S is a champ for me. I tried different test firmwares but settled on the last offical YSOZ. I have zero problems. My only negtative is that I get better scans on my 165H6S, but better burns on the 1635.
For the price, the features and extra support on this forum IMHO Liteon cant be beat, even their developers post here sometimes and have put out test firmwares and untilities! Now who else can say that??? :clap:

That was pretty much my impression. I certainly hope I can find out what’s the issue and get it sorted.

I also have the Sony DW-Q30A and although it will burn DVD’s it has stopped even recognizing that there is a CD-R in the drive and whats more my Plextor PX504A Drive is doing the same thing. Both drives will burn DVD’s but won’t even look at a Cd now… :sad:

I guess my burning software requires that the drive show blank media before trying to record, because it won’t record, either.

I finally gave up on getting that drive working right away (I’d still like to save it, if I can), since I needed something RIGHT NOW for burning, and I got myself a Lite-On LH-18A1P for the time being. First thing I did after getting it out of the box was to void the warranty with hacked firmware from Codeguys. A huge shout out to them for making things happen with Lite-On burners – even the “low-end” ones like mine. :smiley:

It seems like you have a fragmented har drive.
Nothing to do with your drive.

Ok so I gave up on both the Sony and the Plextor drives because the plextor was about 4 years old and lets face it the newest Sony DL drives are only about $50.00 but here’s the weird thing… :confused:
I was at a friends house and this morning and he was having the same troubles that I was having so i started to look into his problem and sure enough it was exactly what i was going through and then it hit me… :iagree:
I had removed the Windows Media 11 update from his machine about a month ago because of all sorts of problems and he hadn’t burned anything since then and i had removed the updated files from my machine two days ago (Just about the time my troubles started) because it wanted you to validate my WinXP and God knows that wont pass inspection… :bigsmile:
So basically both his drives and mine had started playing up with Windows media updates removed, coincidence?? I wonder, any thoughts???

PS Rick,
It is nothing to do with a fragmented drive but i do thank you for the suggestion as every little comment helps…

Anybody know how to strip apart a broken (or not) DVD writer, take the lens out and make a wicked laser?

Yeahh I’m sorry… I didn’t read all the post. :o

I have a liteon 1635s. i recently updated the firmware to YS0Z.patched-fbd. After installing the patch , burn quality have decreased a lot. The quality score has decreased from around 90 to 48. Is there any solution to this problem …

I believe that they recommend you reset the Learned Media and HyperTuning settings when changing your firmware to a modded version. I think that should clear up your issue; reset both settings, then burn 2-4 of your regular media and it should “re-learn” properly. You can reset those values with the Lote-On EEPROM utility, which I believe I got from Codeguys.