Damage to computer due to long converting time



This may sound a very silly question, but I am currently converting a video which has taken 2 hours so far and has only just started the first of four passes. The 4 pass process is estimated to last 9 hours.
My question is, does leaving my computer (a low spec laptop) on, running a file conversion of this magnitude and for such a long period of time, risk damaging it?

I know some of you may be thinking ‘gawd thats one hell of a long time’, but this is very much a ‘student’ laptop in it’s cost, therefore the spec is very low end.
Also I am using the trial version of CCE, so a high quality image is being produced (taking up more time).


Computers are designed to do this kind of work. If your computer cannot do that and a lot more than it is defective and was probably going to fail anyway. When overclocking computers, you generally run programs that push memory and cpu to maximum use and it is not uncommon to run these programs for several hours to ensure stability. any computer should be able to take it. There is one issue that you should watch though and that is heat. Heat is the one thing that can kill healthy components or reduce their life.
don’t panic, as I assume that your laptop is currently getting pretty hot. Your laptop should be designed to have adaquate cooling so maxing it out for a day certainly shouldn’t kill anything. For now, make sure any air vents on the laptop are clear (setting a laptop on a bed where the blanket can conform to the bottom of the laptop possibly blocking vents can be a very bad thing). set it on a hard surface with space all around it for air to circulate.
Fyi low spec can sometimes be beter for heat as it is often the hot rod fast computers that generate massive heat. If the computer gets pretty hot (many do), consider a notebook cooler. they start at about 12$ (don’t expect amazing results from the cheapest ones but they can help some). You can actually get a pretty decent one for 20-25$.


The first time i converted a file it took almost a day, so 9 hrs is nothing :).CCE is a very good program and if you’re compressing dvds considered to be one of the best. The only problem is that quality comes at the sacrifice of speed. I hope you understand that the trial version puts a watermark on your video so don’t be surprised. The only danger to yout notebook is probably overheating. Make sure there’s ventilation under your notebook, usually that’s where the vents are. As long as it’s not sitting on anything soft you should be fine. You may also want to try Dvd Rebuilder It includes a free encoder that some people think is just as good as CCE called HCenc.