DAM Mac's

I brought a 708-uf2 as i read on all the wbsites its compatable with mac. I Double checked many times i had the correct systems requirements. It all checked out, so i happyily pushed the BUY button.

However no one said the dvd burning software supplied with the good old 708 wasn’t compatable with mac (Maybe other people have found this not to be the case but none of the software will install for me). So anyway my question is does anyone no of dvd burning software i can get for the mac?
Please, thanks

I think roxio also works on mac


Get the Roxio Toast software. Lots of features. Check the Roxio site and scan the spec sheet.
The ODD is compatible so the Plextor web site is correct. It’s the small print that gets you (Mac sw not included…)

Uh, Toast?

Apple’s sw is $500 US, the Roxio sw is $80 US. If you want pro authoring results and have deep pockets, and you have a Mac with the latest OS, go with the Apple sw. If you want to copy video and audio, Roxio is the way to go, especially if you have OS9. Roxio has Toast 5 for OS 9 and Toast 6 for OSX.

They also have Jam to go with Toast…Jam is their pro audio mastering sw.

Aren’t those Apples just so cute…

Beautiful thanks people, its most appricated.
Looks like its gonna have to be the toast with my student cash flow.

Ill think of you all as my shiney new dvd’s burn burn away.