DAILY NEWS - 400th comic - Fat cat wants to retire

Heya everybody,

so the time has come… it’s been nearly seven years now. Could you believe that? SEVEN years of comic business… time sure flew by.

It’s been a time with lots of ups and downs… but if I look back I must admit it still was a great time and I really want to say thank you once again to all readers of the “Blindwrite comics”…

How to celebrate comic number 400? Yeah it is time again for a DAILY NEWS newspaper magazine: :iagree:

So the fat cat wants to retire… and that means I will soon retire myself. There might be some comics from time to time but don’t expect too much major releases for the next time.

Okay once again a big thank you to all those people like:
Bob, Namoh, kalas, Womble, Arachne, debro, Albert, bigmike7 and Mr. Belvedere
… oh I’m sure I forgot somebody… don’t blame me please… my memory is not getting better :disagree:


Thanks Alex, your contributions will be missed but not forgotten. You made me laugh at all the right times.

So how do you use BlindWrite on Vista? :bigsmile:

Just kidding…thanks so much for all the comics, [B]Alex[/B]. And I’m rather touched that you remember me…that means a lot. :flower:

Hope you kick back, relax, and enjoy life…and make sure you don’t ever become a stranger, Phat Cat. :wink:

ahahaahha Alex very good number 400 :clap: :bigsmile:

Thanks everybody! I said there will still drop some comics in from time to time… but not too often… well I think this is directly linked with my motivation…

[QUOTE=Albert;2047572]So how do you use BlindWrite on Vista?[/QUOTE]

Garfield knows to handle that :bigsmile: … perhaps we I will show that in one of the next comics…

I don’t remember everybody but I always try to remember the people as much as I can… :iagree:

Alex tell Garfield that a new blindwrite out with Blu-ray support http://club.cdfreaks.com/f65/blindwrite-6-0-8-released-blu-ray-support-244151/

Virtual Machine with WinXP installed?

I remember back at Cartoon 291 when 400 was never gonna happen :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go back to no#1 and laugh at them all again :iagree:

Yo Alex-

It has been a good ride for the past so many years-

Thank you-eh!!!

Thanks for all the comics Alex and I can see more of them in my crystal ball :flower:

I LOVE the DAILY NEWS newspaper magazines, they’re my favorites!!

Great comic again Alex, hopefully you’ll keep up the good work. :iagree: