I wonder if anyone has had knowledge of the stand alone Daewoo DVD/VCR recorder? It is currently being sold at Costco.


Not a brand that brings visions of quality (their cars did the ole floperoo a couple of years ago)

However - the great thing about buying at Costco - if it ever goes bad you can return it without a receipt and months after you bought it-


“…their cars did the ole floperoo a couple of years ago…” ROFTLMAO, Myke.

What concerns Daewoo players. They are considered to be very “tolerant” (media, formats) and with a lot of functions others don’t have. Main problem is with durability. My first DVD player was a Daewoo and it was unique, but lasted only 1.5 years.

With the way things go, in one and a half years, there will be an entirely new system. Fact of the matter is now they are talking about a new type of DVD that extends time and content.

I have so many things sitting in my garage that no longer work, ie. Kodak Photo System,