Daewoo player no longer reads my dvd's



I have a Daewoo player that was able to read the dvd’s I made just fine. Six months later I discovered that it won’t recognize any of the discs I’ve made but still plays normal dvd’s no problem. Anyone else had this happen?
It’s probably time for a new player.


I had a Daewoo also. I liked it very much. It “passed away” after one year. Turning to your problem: I assume you tried all the tricks, like cleaning the laser, etc.


Cleaning the what? :confused:

Oh , yeah … I did that, didn’t help. :sad:

Maybe I’m cleaning it wrong. What’s the best way to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Definition of laser: http://encyclopedia.laborlawtalk.com/Laser

DVD Laser Lens Cleaner:http://www.allsop.com/cd-dvd-cleaners/cd-dvd-cleaners/model-56700/laser-lens-cleaner/


funny… very funny :bigsmile: