Daewoo Multiformat Recorder - DVD+RW's not shuffling up empty space

Hi…I’m currently using a Daewoo Multiformat DVD Recorder with good specs which works perfectly.
However, Maxell DVD+RW’s with disc unfinalised : if for example, I have three thumbnails (say, A, B, C) of recorded material and want to keep A, but delete B & C, then all I get after deletion are: empty thumbnails for B & C up to the recorded time previously used for each.
In other words, the empty space is not shuffled up…
This means I can only ‘re-record’ material that would fit into these time-slots…not an ideal situation…
Trying to erase an ‘Empty’ thumbnail cannot be done on the Daewoo. So, I cannot ‘release’ the empty space in that way.
Also, if I wanted to erase ‘A’ as well, I’d then be left with THREE slots that could only be used as above…
In other words, I couldn’t erase the whole disc and free up the full space again…Exactly the reason for having RW discs!
I’ve tried deliberately recording over the time limit, but the recording merely stops at the time available for that slot…
I have also used Imation DVD-RW’s as above with no problems - the deleted thumbnails in this instance are ‘gathered’ up so as to present ONE empty thumbnail - ie the capacity of A+C. Perfect!
Now: does anyone know if this is a ‘problem’ with all ‘+RW’s’/ just Maxell’s?
Or has anyone experienced this with Daewoo recorders in particular?

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a downloadable manual for a any Daewoo DVD recorder, so can’t see how this DVD recorder acts with DVD+RW and DVD-RW.

My assumption would be that the DVD recorder writes using DVD-VR format by default to DVD-RW discs and using a DVD-Video complaint format to DVD+RW discs. While the VR format offers more features than a DVD-video compliant format, unfortunately DVD-VR cannot playback on some DVD recorders. Also on some DVD recorders (such as Lite-On models), it is necessary to enable ‘Overwrite’ for deleted titles on rewritable media in order to overwrite these.

Just out of curiosity, which model of DVD recorder do you have and also do any options appear when you insert a new blank DVD+RW or DVD-RW (such as menu asking to select the type of DVD to create, initialisation method, etc.)?

So far, the only straight forward way to completely clear a DVD+RW is to erase the disc itself (using the DVD Recorder’s Erase tool) or by erasing it in a PC DVD-writer.

Hi i recently purchased a used Daewoo DF-8150P DVD Recorder+VCR, i bought the item as faulty,the fault being that the VHS deck is damaged but the DVD end is in good working order, i bought this with the intentions of hooking up an external VHS player so that i could transfer my collection of VHS home movies onto DVD,now heres where the problem begins,when i transfer vhs to dvd in this way the recording is great it playsback lovely in the Daewoo,but when i try to play it back in another dvd player it is not recognised,by the way the Daewoo writes on DVD+R & DVD+RW so i thought that id try and make a copy of the burned disc using my PC which has a Sony DVR-109 Multiformat burner, i thought if i copied to DVD-R it might solve the problem, but instead my pc does not recognise the discs burned with the Daewoo and infact they freeze up my PC, so basically can someone tell me why discs burned in the Daewoo will only play in the Daewoo, one more question does anyone know where i can get a complete tape transport mechanism (new or otherwise) for this Daewoo machine.

Thank you.