Daewoo DVD + VCR DF4501PN and Hello from Newbie



Daewoo DVD + VCR DF4501PN
Firstly Hello and I hope you can help me please.
I have recently purchased this machine, which is fab, untill now. I am trying to copy some tapes onto DVD, I have done 3 so far with no problem, when I went to do the 4th, it had no sound. I have checked this video on other machines in the house and it is fine. I know I am missing a small detail but do not know what. Would anyone have any ideas please, as I cannot find anything in the manual.


Hi [B]prettypolly[/B] and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

I see you have another almost identical post in the DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment forum, so we’ll direct all help there:


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