Daewoo DVD Recorder DR2100P



Can anyone help me with what may be a silly problem? I own a Daewoo DVD recorder which works well. Or it did until I inadvertently changed an output setting (I think it was to RGB output) and now I cannot get a picture of any sort onto the TV screen. Because I cannot see what the recorder is doing, I cannot reset factory defaults from the Setup menu. Is there any way to reset defaults directly? Any help would be much appreciated, so thanks; Geoff.


Give this a try.

Press setup, press right arrow, press enter.



Thanks for that, but since there was no image on the TV screen, I could not see where I was in the menu hierarchy. As it happens, I subsequently managed to get a picture and I have reset the defaults now. But I still have a problem; the recorder does not appear to recognise any device attached to the scart connector or the front (AV) sockets. As a result, setting the recorder to AV-1, AV-2 or F-AV simply shows ‘No Signal’ on the TV screen. Any ideas please?


As of right now all I could find is this, If it really pertains to you are not.

Link: http://www.avforums.com/forums/blu-ray-dvd-recorders-media/942930-daewoo-dr-2100p-dvd-recorder-connection-toshiba-32av554d-idtv.html

Was the recorder working before with the same Equipment?

What type of T.V. are you working with?



I am using a Panasonic VCR AG-4700 to play VHS and S-VHS tapes which I recorded around 1990 on a VHS camcorder. Connecting via scart lead to the Daewoo DVDR gave me sound and vision on the AV-1 channel which I then viewed on a Tevion LCD Freeview TV via scart from the DVDR. With this set-up I viewed and, as I thought, recorded to DVD the resultant images. Subsequently I found that the DVD was blank, but since that time I have been unable to view any input to the DVDR, although I can play and view DVDs without problem. It appears that I may have damaged the input circuitry - is this likely?

Thanks for your interest and comments.


It’s possible that one of the RCA style jacks is burnt out.