Daewoo DR 2100P DVD Recorder

Ive just got this DVD Recorder from Summer fields for £90


It says this can Play DivX File: avi, mpg but when I put my DVDs in which I made using Nero the pictures and MP3s come up on screen but not my videos of Lost and Enterprise which I have on the same DVD Ive downloaded don’t show.

Also what do you think of this player? It recorders to both DVD - RW and DVD + RW

Also dose any one know if you can put in a code to make it multi region?

To make it region free try the options listed here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php?dvdplayer=daewoo&hits=50&Search=Search&&next=0#next

Thanks for the link. They dont have the dvd player on there but I will keep checking for one.

This code should work, navigate from setup to system info then key in 1101
and set your region or whatever…best of luck

Thanks for replaying to my post. I will try this and let you know if this works.

Yes this works. Thanks again.

just press set up, go to system info and type in 1101, change region 2 to 0- sorted

Has any one tried playing DIVX or AVI on this player? They wont come up for me.

hi ive got a Daewoo DR 2100P DVD Recorder and i cant play divx dvds either can any one tell me why i cant seam to play vcds either can any on help ive changed the reigon to 0 but still cant play divx please email if can help