Daewoo DHR8100P Multi Format DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive

Has anybody read or heard anything about this machine. Saw it on QVC here in the UK and it looked excellent but I cannot find anything about it at all on the web except on the QVC site.


Bought recorder from QVC with a Philex av auto selector scart switching box, all wired and working in 30 minutes (sky box and video). Go on videohelp’s web site and use the hack for the Daewoo DH-6100P recorder which is the 80gb version. I can recommend the hack as setting for region free you can also play region 1 RCE discs e.g. The Patriot. I have not tried the recording feature yet as I work shifts.

I also bought this machine from QVC last week. I’m just about getting the hang of it, I think the manual could be a bit more user friendly. I’ve had a few problems with the picture quality (I have it set up with a Panasonic tv and a Thomson digibox). I have connected them all together and got it working but the sound isn’t as loud through the dvd recorder and I can see transparent rippling through the picture and slight ghosting. I was not expecting this and thought that the recorded picture would be a lot more stable than a vcr. I’ve altered my scart connections as advised from someone else on a different forum and it is a bit better (still got ghosting). The scarts that I’m using are standard some I don’t know if more expensive ones would make the picture any better

Do you happen to know which blank media is the best to use. I’m saving everything to harddrive at the moment but I’ve taped a few films for the kids that I’d like to transfer to disk.

All - Have bought the DVD recorder too ! Have you hacked the DVD yet to play all regions? I buy all my DVD’s abroad as much cheaper but need to be able to play multi region. If you want to hack follow these instructions = Got to the system information screen. Once there simply point your remote and type 1101. You will notice that the screen will now show your region settings = REGION 2. Point your remote and Type 0 for region Free or 1-6 to set to a region.

You need to do this quite quickly to initialise - depending on what region you select this will show as changed. I would suggest muli-region as this will play anything. (o)

Otherwise enjoying the new DVD/Recorder


Thanks for the replies. I have had this machine for a couple of weeks now and although impressed with many aspects of it I do find the interface quite quirky and a little too fiddly at times. I was also surprised to find that although you can split recordings you cannot merge them which means you cannot cut out adverts, etc other than just hiding them. The lack of a pause facility while recording to the HDD is a strange omission for me too.
I am not sure yet whether I will be keeping it due to these issues but despite that it is still a nice machine.

I also purchased this machine from QVC and was just wondering whether you were having any problems with the sound levels? I have it set up through AV1 and have noticed that I really have to turn the volume level up on my tv to more than halfway compared to if I was just watching terrestrial tv. If I flick over from the DVD recorder to say BBC1 the sound is deafening. I wondered if it was a fault with this model or whether it was the norm? Thanks

i got the machine from qvc too.and i have to agree the sound is a little on the quiet side…having to up to volume on the tv!
but have no complaints with picture quality-it’s brill.and the time shifting function/pausing live tv is a great plus.

I also bought the Daewoo DHR8100P from QVC, and have been very pleased with most aspects of its functions.
Fortunately, I’ve not had the sound problems reported by some here, but I have noticed that sometimes a set programme timer will end early. This is always after 59 mins and 59 secs, and I haven’t a clue why it happens. It isn’t every time, but enough to be annoying, especially if you set for a good film and catch the first half only!
Regarding the probem with cutting out adverts - if you “hide” them, then dub to disc, they won’t appear on your copy version.

Can anyone explain to me how you hide adverts cos I still haven’t got a clue. I’ve tried it as it’s explained in the manual but I must be doing something wrong. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks

If you select the edit option, then you can add a chapter marker at the start and at the end of the advert break. Then, at any point between these markers, select the “hide” option. Now, when you play back the title, it should appear without the adverts in it.
As a tip, it’s far easier to add these markers in the right place if you pause the playback, and frame-advance to the point you want to insert it at! If you get it wrong, just go back to the edit function, and you can delete and add chapters again.
Also, I’ve noticed that you cannot insert a chapter too close to one that exists already. This can be overcome by deleting the automatic one, and now you have the space to add your own.
Hope this helps!!!

i have the Daewoo DHR-8100p and it is just one month out of warranty,the dvd tray won’t open,either with the remote or main machine. anyone got any ideas how to rectify this prob?

i have a dh-6100p and its stuck on hi… and carn’t do anything with it