Hi i recently purchased a used Daewoo DF-8150P DVD Recorder+VCR, i bought the item as faulty,the fault being that the VHS deck is damaged but the DVD end is in good working order, i bought this with the intentions of hooking up an external VHS player so that i could transfer my collection of VHS home movies onto DVD,now heres where the problem begins,when i transfer vhs to dvd in this way the recording is great it playsback lovely in the Daewoo,but when i try to play it back in another dvd player it is not recognised,by the way the Daewoo writes on DVD+R & DVD+RW (I HAVE TRIED BOTH) so i thought that id try and make a copy of the burned disc using my PC which has a Sony DVR-109 Multiformat burner, i thought if i copied to DVD-R it might solve the problem, but instead my pc does not recognise the discs burned with the Daewoo and infact they freeze up my PC, so basically can someone tell me why discs burned in the Daewoo will only play in the Daewoo, one more question does anyone know where i can get a complete tape transport mechanism (new or otherwise) for this Daewoo machine.

Thank you.


Did you finalise the DVD+R discs when you made the recordings? You shouldn’t have to do this with the +RWs, but with the +R’s, it’s essential.


Will this machine record from a SVHS tape?


To fix dvd deck on 4100P and 4150P, 48100P,8150P. Take out the video deck, there is a round switch with a white top, carfully take off the top there is 4 black clips holding the white top on, in there you will fild 3 prong’s on Right and 2 on left with a thin object lift all pins if 1 is permently down that is your problem, now put it back 2 gether set it up with dvd deck white plastic pin on underneth before putting together, now should be working works on all models, cos if you pause films alot pin sticks.:bigsmile::bigsmile: Allso check Video settings as some coputers wont read if in wrong screen e.g ntsc but Tv’s will RGB is best setting. hope that helps you all out.