Daemon Tools

Okay, so I have Daemon Tools right? And I want to play backup iso images of games that I own rather than switch disks all the time. I created the isos with Ultraiso Premium. I can play Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword by using Safedisc Hider, but whenever I try any other game, my computer recognizes that there is no tangible disc in the drive, regardless of the iso mounted in the virtual drive. I’m guessing that it has something to do with a search for copy protection that isn’t copied into the iso image. Is there any way around this or am I out of luck?

Except for newer Safedisc versions on CD (like your Civ 4) ISO is no appropriate format for protected media.

Generally speaking:

  • first scan the installation directory of a game/app with a Protection scanner like ProtectionID, Burnout or protectionforce
  • then accordingly create an image with an adequate program like Alcohol 52%/120% or DAEMON Tools Pro

Thanks, I’ll try that.