Daemon Tools V4 released, but with ADware

Quote from Daemon Tools website:

Dear DT-Community,

today, we release the new V4.00.

As we already heard from our customers, it fixes indeed
most or even all blacklists - however, it is STILL a SCSI-Emulator,
therefore it’s still necessary to remove present IDE-Drives!

As nearly all protections now block ALL SCSI-Drives, no matter
if REAL or VIRTUAL, you need to DISABLE your ide-drives!
This version is more or less only a “next step”, it does NOT
contain an IDE-Jammer atm. However, we are working on it and
will hopefully have it ready soon. So be warned - do NOT complain
about the “lack” of the IDE-Jammer-Device. We release it now,
as is. It fullfilles its job as long as no IDE is present in
System or you otherwise block that IDE-nodes. After all it’s
STILL free!

Another important change is the integration of ADWARE.
Yes, we need that revenues. However, we decided to let
YOU choose to run it with ADWARE and support us - or simple
turn it OFF in installation-process and run it same way
as former versions - without ADWARE. By default, it is turned
ON - to not install that ADWARE, please UNCHECK at installation
“DAEMON TOOLS SEARCHBAR” (or you can remove it anytime later when
you wish via “Control Panel”-> “Add/Remove programs”)

We leave that decision to you, so please don’t blame us that we did
it that way. It was a compromise to continue the free support -
we would much appreciate it if you install that ADWARE-stuff. We set-
up a special forum so please post in THAT forum only about questions,
concerns or anything else that is related to that ADWARE. The forum’s
name is “DAEMON Tools Searchbar”.

To sum it up:

  • NO IDE-Jammer atm - we are working on it! No ETA for it - it’s done
    when it’s done!
  • ADWARE INCLUDED - you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!

The changelog for V4:

  • complete redesign from scratch

  • support of 4 virtual drives

  • ONLY X32-supported now. X64 will follow

  • Drivername randomly generated on each machine (not finished yet)

  • Drive-vendor and versionnumber randomly generated

  • Complete new emulation architecture

  • DCP (DaemonCodeProtect) to make analyses harder and increase development time for malicious anti-DT tools

  • Digital signature verification of applications who are trusted to access DT in secure mode

  • AutoInsertNotification fully implemented (can be turned on/off at ControlPanel)

  • Dropped: MS-Installer, DT now use modificated NullsoftInstaller

  • Dropped: analog sound support (as Windows 2000 and above do not need this feature)

  • supports all popular copyprotections

Again: This version is an “in between” step to fix latest issues not only
with protections but also many other issues and installation-problems.
We work hard to release soon next update!

Link to download page

Where can I download that from? that link requires a user name and password.

Just use SF Nightmare and hit the ‘Disable CD’ button, and all games (including those protected with StarForce 3.x) will run without any problems.

supports all popular copyprotections

I think their server is overloaded right now…It did that to me the first time I tried the link, but I tried it again and it worked. :iagree:

HELLLOO!!! does anyone know where I can download Daemon Tools from and I need a proper working link.

I will upload to rapidshare and post a link in a few minutes. :iagree:

Download Link:


Thanks got the file.

Thanks for the link DJMind, i just grabbed it. I just tried it on a Quake IV .mds image i had made from my original DVD version earlier today and i mounted the image and tried to load the game but it tells me to please insert the DVD.

still have to remove your IDE devices (that’s all) to make starforce games run

Ok i got Quake IV to work if i used SDHide as well. I thought this latest version of Daemon Tools was going to work with Safedisk 4.6 games? Why can’t they integrate a feature like SDHide within Daemon Tools so that it does it automatically instead of having to open and run something else in combination.

Hmmm…doesn’t really seem to add much. I still have to use SD4hide for my safedisk 4.6 games and you still have to disable for ide drives for Starforce.

Seems you guys can’t read very well.
Read this again and see if it makes sense now.

Hopefully it all makes sense now.

And what is your information blurp supposed to be informing me about??

I heard way back that we would not need to disable ide-drives anymore with DT4 and It would solve the blacklist issues. It’s doing neither for me atm.

The release notes only confirmed what I already know, but thanks for trying to be helpful anyways.

This was never confirmed.

and It would solve the blacklist issues.

It is not blacklisted. SCSI drives are.

On a positive note, this should all be fixed shortly anyway.

Now, come on, they were advertising it all the time, revolutionary first ever in the world virtual ide drive. If it’s never been officially confirmed it’s not been officially denied even once.
SCSI driver are not blacklisted, they just always have lower preference from pretty much all modern copy protections, doesn’t matter if they’re real or virtual, they’ll only work with scsi driver if they’re the only ones present in system.
Personally, i think this release was a mistake. There was nothing to rush, they really went ahead just some little steps… With currently available sfcure and different sf tools, it just looks like a bit better bundle of all in one which’ll work on all systems… Aye, that’s good… But not nuff… People have full right to be very disappointed, especially paying customers who expected to get daemon-tools pro version with all the stuff. If by IDE jammer they mean just another tool like nigthmare/fuck, eg software based ide drives disabler, screw it!
They promised to kill the king once and for good. And they would have accomplished it should they’ve released what they promised and regularly updated it for at least a couple of months against new starforce developments… Instead they just threw a couple of rocks into starforce garden already full of them. What’ve they really done? Just added support for a couple of starforce frontline versions which couldn’t be emulated atm with any available tools? But that would’ve been fixed with some new sfcure version or other anti-blacklisting soon anyway probably…

No, if they’re just providing a comfortable easy to use bundle of all stuff that was actually available, doesn’t matter they had to make their own analogues of that stuff, the only way they can remain profitable with their upcoming pro version is by very frequent anti-blacklists updates if it stays like that… Otherwise it’s pointless…

Since if they weren’t going to do any of that so famous v-ide stuff(maybe it’s impossible at all of very difficult?) why let all the rumours spread and say not a word against it on official forums? Free advertisement full of lies, anyone?

Btw, i don’t really understand what’s current relation between alcohol and daemon-tools team… As far as i remember, daemon tools were developed by same team as alcohol as “litest” version of alcohol, liter that alcohol 52%, so users don’t have to buy a copy of alcohol for every pc they want to use rmps emulation on etc… Is it no longer so? Why’re daemon tools released before their commercial big brother? They say Daemon tools pro are to have image creation capabilities, so will it just be a replacement to alcohol 52%? Or Alcohol and Dtools are completely different competeing projects now?

Daemon Tools 4.0? No, just 3.48!!!
[It is version 4 as indicated by the installer (Portmac)]
Just a summary in a nutshell:

No SecuROM 7 support (SR.7_Stop still needed!)
No REAL StarForce support (IDE drives still have to be physically disconnected!)
No IDE emulation (though they were announcing this feature all the time, for more than one year or so…)

Why to use this piece of crap for SecuROM 7 protected games when I can still use Alcohol and SR7_Stop? Why to use these DTools 3.48 (not called ‘4.0’ by me longer!!) for Starforce protected games when I still need to disconnect IDE drives and use SFCure instead (which I really love, thank you eip!!) ???

2 DT developers:

These DTools 3.48 are at least for free but with adware (ok, optional)… but where’s the technological progress, guys?? Where? SecuROM 7 is not supported, Starforce is not supported the way as it should be… the newest SafeDisc… But you guys have a really nice vBulletin skin at your site! We really appreciate that! At least something is REALLY new!

Recoding something which works on kernel layer basically is nightmare. I dont know why you think that new DT is 3.48 ( Probably Because of The way it works in Application Layer ) , But in a fast review, Too many things are changed. I judge the new version as a completely diffrent stuff in Kernel Layer and device drivers , and most part same on Application layer. But Its really the worse thing to just watch the program GUI and tell its v3.48.

Good Luck

DT4 is also available from: