Daemon Tools v4 headache: virtual drives will not go away

I uninstalled D-Tools version 3.47 prior to installing v4. The v3.47 virtual drives will NOT go away. I tried setting virtual drives to “disabled” but got an error that “Device Blah (extremely long name) has outstanding open handles.” Hit Ignore, problem persists! I went into the Windows driver folder (system32/drivers) and nuked every old D-Tools driver I could find. Still no success…edited the registery and found all instances of the name of my virtual “CD-ROM SCSIs” but could not delete some keys. Restarted to see if what I had deleted would help, it didn’t, and here I am posting about it. Yes I tried “Uninstall” through Device Manager, that was my first solution, no go!

EDIT: Upgraded to latest version of Daemon, disabled virtual drives and I no longer have the unwanted devices!