DAEMON TOOLS V4.09 released!



DAEMON TOOLS V4.09 released! Original news see here download can be found here.


Paid versions now? Interesting …


DTools Pro was announced for quite some time now but has been delayed many times. From my knowledge normal DTools will stay free but DTools Pro will be able dumping images and has some extra features free DTools won’t have.


It will be interesting to see how it compares with the other dumping tools out there :wink:
Should do quite well, since they know the protections inside and out to emulate them in the first place :wink:


From what I gathered if you pay the $15.95 registration fee for DTools now you will get DTools Pro for free when it comes out. Price for DTools Pro by itself has not been mentioned yet.

:cool: :cool:


nope, think that ‘offer’ ended a long time ago