Daemon Tools problem

Okay, so I downloaded the new version of D-tools (3.41) and now it won’t keep my CD images loaded. The images are of my C&C Tiberian Sun CD’s (yeah the game is old, but still kinda fun) I ripped them both with CloneCD, safedisc 1 profile, and they worked previously with the last version of D-Tools. Anyway, I have the CDROM shortcuts to the virtual drives on my desktop and when I click them I get an error: “drive or network connection is unavailable” or something like that. It always loses the CD images everytime I boot the computer up, so I’m wondering how do I keep it from happening. Any ideas?

Daemon have an excellent support forum.

I didn’t even think of looking on Daemon Tools forum. I looked and found out that everyone else is having the same problem with the new version, and that they’ll release a fix for it soon. I guess I’ll use an older version until they do. Thank you for your suggestion Black Diamond.