Daemon Tools Pro to be announced at Cebit - and more

I just posted the article Daemon Tools Pro to be announced at Cebit - and more.

Engelmann Media has send us a press release about their Cebit presentation. At Cebit they will announce updates of current software and also some intresting new products, of which Daemon Tools Pro…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5515-Daemon-Tools-Pro-to-be-announced-at-Cebit---and-more.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5515-Daemon-Tools-Pro-to-be-announced-at-Cebit---and-more.html)

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Why would you realistically want to control your burning software with a mobile phone?

personally, controlling my burning software with my mobile phone has been a dream for many years. something makes me think that daemon tools pro isnt going to be freeware…

hmm, I don’t like this. will daemon tools pro cost money? another endless hunt for serials and cracks through the entire internet? I just hope the programme stays free.

I’d like to control my burner with my toothbrush

I’m guessing they’ll always keep a basic version free. The pro version will probably just have a GUI included or something.

Lol, Mobile Phone Remote control for your burning Software :slight_smile: And when will there be a way to change your cd-r with the mobile Phone ??? :4

I honestly don’t think that ‘Daemon Tools Pro’ are somehow related to VeNoM386’s Daemon-Tools. There has already been a Daemon Tools for Linux which had nothing to do with it. Well, we shall see… I’d personally like to use my webcam to read CDs and DVDs, if somebody would be so kind as to… well you know… :4 sG

  1. What the hell is the point in the totaly and utter bloat of controlling a cd burner with your mobile phone?!? 2) The Daemon Tools for linux is Demon Tools, as in for messing about with services. It’s not pretending to be affiliated with Venom’s one. This Daemon Tools Pro however sounds suspicous.