Daemon tools lite 4.30

I have daemon tools lite 4.30 installed. Never had a problem with previous versions of daemon tools, but with this lite version, whenever I reboot and get back to my desktop, programs mounted into daemon tools automatically start which I don’t want, and so I have to close them down. In Preferences, I’ve got ‘Automount’ , Autostart tray icon’, and ‘Secure mode’ all ticked. Without automount ticked, the program dismounts itself and I obviously want it permanently mounted. Without autostart tray icon, the daemon tool icon doesn’t appear. How can I stop these programs autostarting? Do I need to tick ‘ImageInUse Check’?

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Feel free to ask your question at the official DAEMON Tools forum if in your opinion it takes too long for your question to be answered.

Maybe you wanna try some 3rd party tool to prevent autostart of virtual drives (or optical drives in general),
e.g. for XP with Microsoft Powertoys (TweakUI).

Or downgrade to an older “adequate” DT version - if it is an issue with DT at all.

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try ccleaner it’s a free tool that you can download at filehippo it allows you to clean registry remove programs and choose your startup programs,…

you might want to check out


it’s a tutorial on how to use Daemon tools.

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