Daemon Tools foiled by Safedisc!



Or at least, on my computer. Even with the SafeDisc emulation option checked on my computer, I still cannot run Safedisc protected games (from an image file). I have the newest version of Daemon Tools, and the image I am trying to play with a virtual drive is about 3 years old! Is there anything I can do to fix this?




Well, I’ll try Gamejack.

I should have mentioned that Alchohol 120% doesn’t work with safedisc for me either…


what image?


Any image at all that involves safedisc. I think Civilization 3 was one of them.
I have another image that has SafeDisc version “2.51.021”. Won’t work with Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. I had to edit the EXE file to get rid of safedisc, but I can’t do that for the newer versions, so I’d rather be able to just emulate it. =p


hmm - civ3 is like 2.4 or something - my sh*tty burner copied it fine. weird weird. daemon tools does fine on safedisc for me