Daemon tools- error message-help!

i am trying to mount an image which i created with blindwrite. i extracted the contents of the disk (Unreal2 Play CD) to the same directory containing the .bwa file (which is named the same as the disk image), when I attempt to mount it, I received an error message stating " unable to mount image. invalid TOC specified". I mount my UT2003_CD1 the same way and works like a charm. Any suggestions? Please help!! Also, if i try to burn the image to a disk, i get an error message with all kinds of information. so i cannot burn to a disk either!!!

What versions of the software are you using?

i am using blindwrite, i also upgraded to 4.4 and they both give me the same error message. i am using a pioneer 104 firmware 1.31. hope that helps

Try the latest version of Daemon-Tools and then try mounting it.

If that doesnt work, try re-making the image with the latest version of BlindWrite (4.5.2) and have a go mounting that.