Daemon tools error. are apps known to conflict with each other?

i installed daemon333 few days ago and able to use it. few times. after which i havent touch it since. but now it can’t be launched. everytime i tried to start daemon tools, a box pops up saying “no virtual SCSI drives detected” (or something similiar to that effect).

any ideas wat’s wrong?

over a span of juz 3or4 days (fr reading all the tutes here) i’ve dl & installed (not in any particular order):

  1. alcohol 120%
  2. nero 6
  3. CloneCD
  4. clonyXXL
  5. twinpeak
  6. blindwrite
  7. TMPGEnc 2.58
  8. VirtualDUB
  9. winamp3 plugin (to convert to WAV)
  10. smartripper
  11. DVD2AVI
  12. bbMPEG
  13. codecs 3.11a
  14. Gspot

all were dl juz few days back, shd be all latest unless stated otherwise.

daemon tools was installed very early, at the same time with alcohol & nero6, and codec 3.11a. it can run without problems. now it can’t.

does anyone happen to know whether any of the apps above will cause any conflicts with any of the apps?

now it seems some of the apps are duplicates… yet again it seems i gotta keep all to do the various different tasks!

thx in advance.