Daemon Tools & ATIP Check

I was curious as to if you load a clonecd image in daemon tools and the game uses some version of safedisc that has atip checking (2.4 and up ?) does daemon tools automaticly “hide cd-r media”? Or do you have to burn it onto a cd and then try it in a normal CD drive/clonecd hide media option?

If you’ve mounted an image on a daemon tools virtual drive there is no atip to check. Accordingly, if the image is good, it will run from the virtual drive in the same manner as the original would from a physical drive without any need either for emulation or for the atip to be hidden.

If, however, you’ve burnt an image to a cdr/w, using the appropriate emulation option will also have the effect of hiding the atip which is useful if clonecd’s hide cd media isn’t available to you.