Daemon tools and a-ray scanner?

OK Im full of questions tonight. So just bare with me here…

I have been reading through the forums alot and wanting to know if someone can explain to me what Daemon tools and a-ray scanner are exactly for and how to use them. I understand the Fact that they will determine what copy protection is on the disk but after that I pretty much get lost…
So if you got some advice or know where a good tutorial is please let me know?


I have a tutorial for them but they are still secretly kept away in my guide;)

Although I will help you get a better understanding of the 2 programs.

A-Ray Scanner

A-Ray Scanner is a copy protection scanner developed my A-Ray Software. It’s primary main purpose is to scan the CD or application for the used copy protection. When we aquire this information we can use it to our advantage. CD Copying programs like CloneCD, Alcohol 120% and BlindWrite are some examples of software that we can use with the information gained with A-Ray Scanner. These software have profiles and settings for using the info that A-Ray has told us.:slight_smile:

Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is a different thing to A-Ray Scanner. Instead of scanning for protections, Daemon Tools is used in getting your backup to emulate or work. This is a free program which you can download here. It is a great piece of software mainly because it can become extremly useful. It can not only emulate protections, but also it acts as a virtual drive which you can mount images made with CD Copying programs to test or run from.

Some Jargon :

Mount = To load your image onto a virtual drive.

Virtual Drive = This is tool that can pretend to be a real drive. When activated, the virtual drive acts nearly like a real drive, you can see it in My Computer etc. Only these drives can run much faster than real drives. But you can only mount images onto these type of drives. A Disadvantage with this though is that copy protection companies can “Blacklist” this tool.

Image = This is a CD compacted into files. Some types of images( MDS/MDF, CCD/SUB/IMG, B5I/B5T etc) can store alot of information about the CD, making this format very useful for backing up CDs. Whereas some image formats (BIN/CUE, ISO) do not store enough information about the CD to make a good backup.

Blacklist = When copy protection companies build in a check in their protection to scan for a certain software or tool. This problem can normally be remedied by an update of the program.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

Yeah Daemon Tools is freeware that can be found via a google search and will allow you to mount ISO’s to a virtual DVD/CD-Rom. Daemon will then emulate the copyright protection so that you can backup your games and play them. In addition using Daemon’s virtual device allows for 100 x reading capabilities whihc means faster installs and load times.