DAEMON Tools 4.06 System Shutdown Problem

Hi, I m new here.
I have installed DAEMON Tools 4.06
Win xp service pack 2
The problem is that the system cannnot be shutdown and the system hangs but there is not much cpu usage in the task manager. I think there is a device conflict (the virtual device ) with other devices.
plz help me how to solve this thing

Anyone please

I add one more thing that when i copy something from cdrom my system hangs and sometimes i open any exe file then again the shit happens. :a There is no virus in my system. If i uninstall daemon 4.06, system hangs. If i just delete daemon program files and cleanup registry, the system goes well. The problem is with daemon. plz tell me how to solve this shit.

go to the daemon tools forum and ask them for help… www.daemon-tools.cc