Daemon Tools 4.00 released with many changes

I just posted the article Daemon Tools 4.00 released with many changes.

  msanto, Shoebedobedoo, oliwan and captqbec all used our news submit to tell us that Daemon Tools has released the next version of this  very popular utility. You may experience a bit...
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Great tool and a great update at that…

I like daemon tools but I keep hearing that this update has spyware in, a searchbar, not sure if its true

“I keep hearing that this update has spyware in, a searchbar, not sure if its true” RTFA :wink:

I think you will find it uses optional adware, not spyware VH

I like daemon tools but I keep hearing that this update has spyware in, a searchbar, not sure if its true
First it is ad-ware, not spyware and second it IS OPTIONAL… you can UNCHECK the installation fo it during setup…

and third that stand even in this news and in the release notes of v4

Its really great that you take the time to read the article before taking the time to post such a great comment :wink: In fairness I don’t think anyone can bitch about them including adware in this release 1. They don’t charge for the software 2. The installation of adware is optional In fairness people get a good deal in the end :slight_smile:

No X64 support yet that’s a bit stupid that’s what people were waiting for? and just because its free doesn’t mean I cant have my opinion on the stuff good or bad

…And no Anti-StarFarce (aka… Starforce3) either built-in. Perhaps down the road. Nevertheless… excellent and well anticipated release!!

A pretty weak release. They should have waited until they had a real release with IDE and x64 support. Might as well stay with 3.47:(

X64 support? Yah I sure hope they spend a LOT of time supporting something that will help out 6-700 people world wide who care about it. Who is running a 64 bit OS and requires this type of program?

Everybody who is running WinXP x64 would like to have it… you can gaming there too…

as you want… although it is not a weak release… code was completely rewritten… if you e.g. try newest ProtectCD-Version v3.47 will not work also not with programs like Anti-Blaxx a.s.o. but with DTv4 they will work… Of course you need to un-install all software that might be blacklisted, e.g. Alcohol 120% (otherweise ProtectCD will also not work from DTv4)…

And btw. mostly gamers use WinXP x64… We are not talking about server OS or something like that here…

Well… if you want the best IDE-Support you can get you should even wait for DT Pro because that one will get an IDE-Virtual-Drive… As I even remeber the release-notes they said that next version will come soon… maybe that version will have at least something you wanted??

And btw. mostly gamers use WinXP x64… rofl good joke m8 :stuck_out_tongue:

that true games do work better on x64, goldenfingaz upgrade your 486 and give it a go

I dual boot xp64 and xp32. Games are certainly faster in xp64.

That was no joke… think about it… only gamers and other persons who really need the performance of a 64Bit OS have a 64Bit OS currently installed… at least most…