Daemon Tools 3.20

Daemon Tools 3.20

This new version should solve all problems with the latest version of ProtectCD 5© used in Port Royale© Patch 1.3 together with the updated MDS-File for Port Royale. The updated MDS-File is already out for a few days and it seemed to work for most people but as VOB blacklisted DAEMON Tools in the latest ProtectCD 5© version we also needed to update DAEMON Tools again.
VeNoM386 also added another feature to DAEMON Tools - you can now change the drive letter of the virtual drives on the fly inside the DAEMON Tools menu (right click D-Tools try icon and select ‘Virtual CD/DVD-ROM’ --> ‘Device 0…’ (for example) --> ‘Set device parameters’ to access this new option.



Thanks, has been posted on the mainpage :wink:

may j use this thax for share

Isn’t it free?

yeah, now you can try with Daemon Tools 3.47 , have fun :slight_smile:

WTF is up with the Daemon Tools threads from THREE YEARS AGO?!?!?!?!?

Dunno but this one is closing :slight_smile: