Daemon Tools 3.16



News: :wink:
This time Sony tried to block us in the latest Securom© version. As you can see with no success.
From this version on the download file is self-extracting so please don't wonder. A lot of users seemed to have problems as they tried to install from directories not having the sufficient rights (NT/2000/XP). If you don't change the standard extraction path during the unpacking process these problems should be gone. Thanks go to Harald Breitner (the author of DaemonUI) for coding the 'install.exe'.
Here's the changelog for DAEMON Tools 3.16:

Fixed latest Securom© emulation blacklist (lockups in Nascar2002 and other games)
Updated emulation to support latest Laserlok versions (Warrior Kings etc.)
Workaround to address problems with PlexTools
Added 'DVD Region' setting to device parameters

Download here:

However, The EULA scares me =\

DAEMON Tools End User License Agreement

This program is NOT freeware.
If you don't use this program for commercial purposes you do not have to register a license and are allowed to use this software for free. But if you want to support our work you may do so, of course.
Please check our homepage at http://www.daemon-tools.com and browse to 'REGISTER'.

This private license is always limited until the next version of this software is released.

If you use this program commercially (e.g. in a company, internet cafe etc.) somehow you must license it!
For registration please check our homepage at http://www.daemon-tools.com and browse to 'REGISTER'. You will find all details there.
You are only allowed to use this program if you are a legal owner of the original CD and you want to create or use a backup of your original CD.
Feel free to use this package in other FREE products, as long as you leave this package unmodified and include credits to the authors.
If you want to include this software in a commercial product please contact us for permission under webmaster@daemon-tools.com!

This software is provided 'as is'. The authors cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or other misfortunes resulting from the use of this program.
Likewise the authors cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of this software.