DAEMON speaks about SafeDisc v2.0

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From The Daemon Tools homepage

Here are some notes about the new safedisc version to clear up some rumors spreading the web!
As most of you may have already noticed Red Alert 2 uses a…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/950-DAEMON-speaks-about-SafeDisc-v2_0.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/950-DAEMON-speaks-about-SafeDisc-v2_0.html)

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this sux + it will soon not be liscenced by software cos.

are u sure the copies arent exactly the same as the originals ie they only work in a few drives…

ollie will be through this is no time… it probably traces data locations on the actual cd or something… besides if we cant make a perfect copy we will still make a patch!!! cdf rules OK

This is bullshit.I created backups with clonecd V2.4.1.2 and they work fine!!

Reader Plexwriter 8/20 Scsi firmware 1.07
Burner another Plexwriter 8/20 Scsi and firmware 1.07

The game reads the cd from my Toshiba sdm 1201 DVD-drive since that’s my first cd-rom drive.

Greetz Copycat

I have to say The Daemon Tools is more than likely looking for publicity, because if they really understood the protection safedisk 2 is they would know that its all stored in the TOC the reason this cant be copied at the moment is because of the way some hardware reads and interprets the TOC soon the likes of blindread/write and clone will have this fully covered and nearly all hardware will once again copy this protection like the old safedisk.I have nothing against the guys that develope The Daemon Tools but they are as clone is only one method, the status quo will be restored soon enough, no big deal, in fact most problems with safedisk 2 can be atributed to the type of windows you run just as much as your hardware…

have you guys wonder what else is protected by shitdisk, oops, I mean safedisc. I have a program called virtual elab trainer for ccna and it was missing a file for safedisc. Nothing I had at the time would copy the damn cd. But, alas, I used blindread/blindwrite and now I have a perfect copy of it. It was safedisc protected. And yes my equipment will copy protected stuff.

Hmmmm… bla bla bla

The only thing I know is that Safedisc sux!!

I also created a working copy which works on all the cd-roms in the house (total of 5) I used my plextor 8x burner and it works perfectly after I cloned it with CloneCD (newest ver. 5 nov).
-just select BOTH the SubChannels options -

This may sound a little stupid but could you guys please email me your way you copied Red Alert 2? I have to burn it really quickly so no time for looking around on the net for a solution!
I’m with a friend of mine right now, he’s got a 32X Plextor SCSI cdrom drive and a Delta 2x IDE writer (yeah I know it’s old but it has to do the trick… I HOPE!)
Also please tell me the software+version+settings you used…


well well well some people keep saying they can copy ra2 but everyone in the know says you cant. maybe not all versions are not protected with shit disc2 because i can garrantee that the aussie version definatly is and it does exactly what the pros say it does. as soon as you go to install it comes up with tmp error and westwood have just released a second game here with this shitty protection C+C firestorm so if you read this ollie please hurry with your new version cause i NEED IT BAD yes thats right FIRESTORM is shit disc2 protected AUSSIE version it has exactly the same icons and icd files as ra2 and has exactly the same problem when burned. well all i can say is either theres a lot of crappers on here or some people are doing something the majority of us are not. well i just got the cracks from GCW. and they work great thanks to the people who make them.

Was able to perfectly copy RA2 with new SD2. Used Clone CD 1024, Plex 8/20 as reader and writer, also checked were read digital ID, read from audio subchannels, and fast error skip. Copy works in ultraplex40, kenwood 42x, and toshiba. I read it at 2x and burned it at 8x using prime peripherals 80min cds.

yup copied ok with latest clone plex r820/tosh 1201…uk r2 version

backups work in any cd drive…and the dude that said firestorm was protected with safedisk2…how dude the game came out before this protection was invented.

and as ive said before though my version of red alert 2 was protected with cdilla not safe disk and if any of you have used the patches of game copy world so is yours as this is a cdilla patch…dont take my word for it that is on the nfo file released by fairlight…or whoever cracked it.

I backed up my Aussie version of Firestorm without a problem using Clonecd so I don’t think it has safedisc 2 protection. I couldn’t backup my Aussie version of RA2 with safedisc 2.

Sorry people but I just copied my Red alert 2 with clone cd and it works FINE no errors and other shit! ~look at the copie any safedisc 2~ topic, there’s are the options how to copie safedisc 2 protected cd roms!!!

Could somebody please tell me how the FUCK I ca

(sorry for that last message, my keyboard suddenly freaked out) Could somebody please tell me how the FUCK I can copy Crimson Skies (you know, that new Micro$hit game), 'coz I have tried like everything, and it just won’t work!!
I have a Sony CRX-140 8/4/32 IDE writer!



yes, just the same way as Red alert 2, look to the topic ’ Copy any safedisc 2 game’ look at my message: from Pulsarboy, it works realy!!!


GO TO http://www.gamecopyworld.com

OR http://www.megagames.com

and download a copy crack. copy all the filez off the cd to a dir on your HDD, add another dir to the dir you just created containing the crack and perhaps a bit of batch or a macro to implement it and then burn all the files in the dir to a cd with THE SAME label as the original. My Creative 4424e has been doing this for years, with loads of copy protections and it STILL WORKS!

there are currently two makes of drive that can copy safedisk 2, new models from phillips and plextor. I have a phillips PCRW1208K which is quite new and it copies safedisk2…

I am looking to buy a new CDRW and the choice has come down to either the Philips PCRW1208k or the Plextor 24/10/40. As things are now I’m sure that the plextor can burn everything your heart desire at a fast speed - for a hight price too!! The Philips is only half as fast (12x) but also half as espensive - I can live with that! But does anyone know if the Philips PCRW1208K handles subchannels… I’m having trouble finding that out…

My Philips PCRW1208K copies stuff I haven’t been able to copy before. I used it with CloneCD (Current Rev) to copy RA2 with No problems. It reads on my generic 56x CDROM and my Hitachi DVD drive just fine. My friends HP 9310 wouldn’t copy it. I also had excellent luck with Max Payne. That Philips drive copies anything!!!