Daemon 3.23 released today

Here is last daemon-tools release

19/10/2002 - DAEMON Tools 3.23

DAEMON Tools 3.23 is now out. Only some blacklists have been fixed (e.g. UT 2003) :

We also added a lot new MDS-Files for a lot of the latest games protected by the new Securomâ„¢. You can get the files
here :
http://www.daemon-tools.com/daemon_tools.htm .

Please carefully read the instructions (readme.txt) inside the zip-files. If you have any problems or have a different language version (or a new protected game) please mail us so we can create a fitting MDS-File.

For those who don’t know, this tool allow to use cd image (made from a basic cd writer program such as clonecd) like a virtual cd or to emulate (that means to play from a non perfect backup) the well known protection (safedisc,laserlok,securom)

thanks for the heads up!

hey where is the MDS file for the english version of UT2k3??

Its a sweet program, I like how it allows you to play a game without the annoying sound of the CD ROM

Hmmm… I know Daemon tools it one of the better know utilities out there but does anyone know how it compares with Fantom CD?

Since I’ve installed my new HD I’ve put all my kid’s games as mounted CloneCD images using this utility and it’s been working quite great. I also appreciate the speed and especially not having to manipulate CDs (and noiselessness) of the operation.

There is only one game I have not succeded in playing its wav files using Fantom CD. The game in question is Tomb Raider 2. Anyone here experienced this problem?

but does anyone know how it compares with Fantom CD?

In the past daemon virtual cd used to be called “phantom cd”, this could help you to understand the close link between daemon and fantom cd .

But now fantom cd is outdated and you should keep an eye (or 2) on alcohol sofware which should include all daemon last improvments .

Great, I will definitely give it a try!

Thanks for your quick answer Olivier! :slight_smile: