DAE, Rank Order for DVD Drives



I just ran some testing with the program Exact Audio Copy where they determine the best drives in a system to accomplish audio extraction. I have wondered before which drives are good at this so I welcomed the information.

Please be aware I am not the expert here so this may be bogus, but EAC seems to be pretty good at what it does.

Here is the rank order from best to worst:

  1. NEC 3500
  2. NEC 3520
  3. LG 4163
  4. AOpen 1648/ AAP
  5. BenQ 1620
  6. Liteon 832S
  7. Pioneer 109

For what it’s worth.


NEC is a consistant company in many ways with the products I have used. That does not surprise me at all!
Thanks Chas. My 3530 RIP :sad:
It does surprise me that the 109 is dead last!


It surprised me as well as everything I have read pointed to the NEC being a poor reader and the Pioneers being good. I guess DAE is a different animal.
Keep in mind rank order is not good to bad, just best to less best. It could well be that these are all very good DAE readers.

How did your 3530 die out of warranty? Aren’t they less than a year old?


Chas! That is a secret between me and Liggy! I will e-mail you!