DAE on IBM PC300GL - PIII 500



I’m having some problems with the extraction speed of audio tracks from CD. I’ve tried 3 different cd-rom players (IBM 48x, Philips 48x, Toshiba DVD 32x). I keep on getting a max extraction speed of 0.9x. I’ve got a IBM PC300GL model 6563 (PIII 500) and have installed another AGP video card (Viper V770), Sound card (SB Live) and SCSI card (Adaptec 2940UW) with a Yamaha CD Rewriter (4416S).
I’ve tried extracting audio with the same cd-rom players on a IBM PC 300GL Pentium II 350Mhz, and then I keep on getting 7x and 8x speeds. What am I doing wrong???



I’m not sure about the model cd players your using but if they aren’t scsi as your recorder is that may be the problem. Your going to have to make an image to copy its best to not have problems. If you are using a scsi reader then you have to find the one that works best with your recorder.
I have a friend who was using a 4416s and he was putting in a 40x plextor player and he had problems however, he had no problems with the plextor 32x. Doesn’t make sense but thats the way it goes