DAE features of the Sony DRU-810A

Can anyone who owns the Sony DRU-810A confirm that it can overread into both the lead in and the lead out of audio CDs? I’m thinking of purchasing the drive to use as both a DVD burner and an audio CD ripper. Since I’m picky about making exact audio copies with EAC, all the little DAE details matter.

I saw a couple of reviews (CDRLabs, cdr.cz) report that the 810A can overread into both the lead in and the lead out, according to Nero CD Speed’s Advanced DAE Quality test.

However, I learned herethat the DRU-810A uses the same hardware as the BenQ DW1640 and the Plextor PX-740A, and those two drives apparently are unable to overread into the lead out — only the lead in, which is useless for ripping because they require a positive read offset correction (+618 according to AccurateRip).

If all three drives are based on identical hardware, then how can the Sony overread into the lead out while the other two cannot? Am I correct to surmise that overreading is a firmware-dependent feature, and that only the Sony’s firmware supports reading into the lead out?

If this is the case, then cross-flashing the 810A with BenQ’s or Plextor’s firmware would remove the drive’s ability to overread into the lead out. And as no firmware for the Sony can be downloaded yet, cross-flashing is an irreversible action at the moment.

Conversely, this would suggest that the firmware for the BenQ and other drives could be modified to enable overreading into the lead out.

(Note: The two reviews I cited show different combined read/write offsets for the 810A: CDRLabs reports 756 samples, while cdr.cz has 684. This discrepancy, I believe, is explained in the thread about the BenQ DW1640’s offsets.

Hmm, some of your links are broken.

The Sony DRU-810A supports reading from Leadin and Leadout audio CD.

CDFreaks review will be online this weekend.

Thanks for the confirmation.

You were right – there were two bad links in my original post. For some reason I can’t edit that post, so here are the corrected links:

CDRLabs review of the DRU-810A

CDFreaks forum thread about the BenQ DW1640’s offsets

The gist of the BenQ thread is that the 1640’s read offset correction is always +618, but the write offset is quirky: in most cases it is +66, but under some conditions, such as when burning with EAC at less than max speed (i.e., <48x), it seems to be +138.

If you do the math to get the combined read-write offsets, those values seem to apply to the Sony DRU-810A:

Using a +66 write offset yields 618 + 66 = 684 samples, which matches what was reported by you and cdr.cz.

Using +138 yields 618 + 138 = 756 samples, which is the same as the result posted in the CDRLabs review.

(Edit: Had to fix the CDRLabs review link again.)