DAE Error



I am using a plextor px-716a, and 2.19a of plextools. I’m trying to extract audio, but i keep getting this error.

I’ve tried two cds already.
DJ Encore-Intuition
Chicago-If You Leave Me
Not sure what it is. I read a threat earlier about new cds being capped off at 8x, this holds true for me when i try to extract DJ Encore, but not Chicago. I’ve tried ripping multiple times, sometimes it gives me the error on track four, or on track 8 sometimes on track 1. Can anyone please help me?
Edit: I was just able to rip the Chicago cd in WMP. Still having trouble with plextools.


How is your Plextor drive attached to your system? What are your hardware specs? Using nVidia IDE drivers? We need some more information to help you.