Dads off to Tokyo

For a week and has asked me if there is anything i want bringing back, damn right there is! :iagree:

as far as i know Japanese media is the dogs bllcks right, so what sort of stuff should i ask him to pick up TY? anybody know the street price of TY media in Japan?, im assuming its cheaper buying in Tokyo rather than ordering online to the uk etc.

No it isn’t.
Taiyo Yuden generally are really expensive in Tokyo and in Japan !! That’s was japanese members told in some tread.
Search for Koba (from Japan) or Kenshin (from South Corea) and ask them directly…just to know if prices changes recently :slight_smile:

Hope this can help

Still, even with the prices being a bit higher, there is some stuff there you can’t get elsewhere, like Made-in-Japan TDK 8x and 16x DVD-R media and Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R inkjet printable spindles, so for sure ask your dad to get SOMETHING for you!

How about the MIJ Sony AccuCore 16X +R and -R discs?

screw media, get electronics instead…like a drive, a Sony PSP or a some sick mp3 player not available anywhere else in the world…yet.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

i’ve only been to the airport in Narita, but even there they’ve got some stuff that will make you forget about blank media.

Hello mate,

I am local in TOKYO, and I suggest you where to buy cheap media in TOKYO.
Please kindly suggest for your dad going to Akihabara, and find name of store called “Akiba-Oh” they are media expart. About genue TY X8 50 spindles around 25 Pounds and TY OEM (TY002) Fuji X8 50 spindle around 20 Pounds, white printable either. Hope it helps mate :wink:

Sounds good Tommy, i shall tell him, ive told him he can get me a set of nunchucks aswell :slight_smile:

Im also a local of Tokyo and Akihabara would definately be the best place. Akibaoh and Akibang are good stores to get TYs and other blanks (they are also the cheapest). But dont expect that your dad will find 50pcs spindles of DVD+R MIJs. You will be able to get DVD-Rs. He surely will find media there not sold in other places like Pro-use TDK (very expensive) and Pro-use Media-Box (very expensive) blanks or Media made by AMC (Mid KIC01RG20 etc) all of them Made In Japan.
Also any other Electrical, Computer and Anime/Manga stuff is avaialable in Akihabara (for computers i would recommend a visit to Tzone,Tsukumo etc).
Off topic: Hi Tommy September, nice to meet some other Tokyo locals here on the forums!!

Hello Koba-san, :wink:

good to know you here our local persons discuss each other :wink:
My opinions are correct isn’t it? I’ve been to Akihabara yesterday, they sell
“weekend special budget” for under 20 Pounds for TY 4X media 50 spindles.
Also, they continue to sell " Pro-Use" TY OEM Fuji 50 spindles for it.

Also, “Jyan-Jyan-Tei” has been sold very good price for CHEAP media, especially for weekend, I’ll trying to hunt them around before our long vacation season called " Golden week " Of course, I am off to some where that moment too :wink:

Anyway, nice to know you! and keep good post as well mate :wink:

Tommy September-san
Yeah absolutely correct.
what a coincidence yesterday i was in Akihabara too and went shopping for DVD blanks (TY and KIC)…maybe we just missed each other not knowing lol
I always go to Akibaoo and Akibang since both stores are besides each other and on weekends both stores kind a fight each other lol.
GoldenWeek I stay at home…to many people travelling around the country and the good thing is Tokyo will be empty…lol