Dad's 26 .idx files (NERO)

Hi all,

My Dad called me and said he has 26 files with .idx extensions on his desktop. This after playing around with Nero and creating a database. He removed Nero and then I had him D/L and run the NERO removing tool but they remain. He can delete them but they return with new prefixes every time. I had him rename them and then delete them but yet they still return.

Allways 26 of them and allways with new names but the same .idx extension.

Any ideas on making them go? And no I don’t really care to talk Dad through a DOS session as I can only imagine the results!


there’s a number pf programs that use the idx extension, have a look at for a list and check if your dad’s using any of them.

A number of proggies use idx files as already mentioned. Having said that, my guess is they are part of Nero’s CD DataBase. Open Nero, click File-> Preferences -> Database tab and check out if the “Use local Nero CD database” is enabled. If yes, check if the are stored on your Dad’s desktop.

If the idx files are not related to Nero, you 'll have to do a more little searching/troubleshooting. You may start from here.

I see that many do have that extension however he did not have this problem until he created a NERO DB. Nero is now fully removed as I said before.

I also did a forum search and found one solution that involved running “regclean” which we did, but still they remain.

Any more ideas?


I ran across 1,091 idx files in a file folder on my desktop, and had never seen them before, and don’t have a clue where they came from. I am running Foxmail 2.1 (not used), ICQ (seldom used), and probably a slew of others that have the idx file extension.

However, I was able to delete them from the folder running Windows 2000 Pro SP4. Rebooted, ran Nortons Win Doctor, checked the folder, they hadn’t returned to the folder, --at least as yet, LOL.


I ended up deleting them from DOS. I could not find any other way but now they’re gone.