sup guys dunno which section i should write it but…ill try anyway…

i have a prob to decrypt a ps2 game…

its not the first time i done it but this time i have prob with the dadc sh*t…

how can i remove/ignore that protection?

saw a few forum’s ideas non worked…

any idea of a good proggy?


i tried dvdd anydvd dvd43 alcohol…

it keep stucking on the same place…
u wrote here those proggs should disable dadc but it didnt…pls help?


Have a look in this thread

I don’t have the foggiest but it’s all about PS2 code


there’s no prog which can just ignore that f*cked up dadc?


Do you’ve already tried CloneCD or Dvddecrypter for backup?


yep i did
i use dvd dec all the time
movies with dadc it copy by file mode…
BUT when i try it a protected ps2 game it says file mode is only for dvd-video
and it makes me choose only the iso mode which cant decrypt the protec…

any suggestion?


And do you’ve tried already the iso mode? I mean a finished Iso of your game.
Easy way to backup ps2 games with dvdd select Iso Read mode And Iso Write mode. :wink:


Here’s what I posted in Trying to copy Irreversible cd thread-Monopoly Here and Now cd has Sony Bologny Securom copy protection. Cd clone won’t back it up. Original stalls in Samsung cd drive and takes minutes to be recognized. Have yet to burn an iso. file and try running it with Nero Driveimage. Cd is needed to run game and I know lots of you find that annoying. The drive is an 18X dvd drive with updated firmware. Samsung updates their firmware quite often automatically. Unlike Sony Bologny drives. Now my concern is that the EVIL SONY BOLOGNY copy protection software is hidden somewhere on this computer. The game is different from trial version I played and I don’t like it as much either. 3 stars.