DAB Radio: Anyone know anoyone that have it?



Yes, that digital radio thingy which nobody listens to. Do you have a DAB-radio, or do you know anyone who have, or do you know anyone whom have heard of someone that had a sister that knew someone that had it?

I know no-one with a DAB-radio, and no-one that knows anyone that knows anyone either. I think theres one guy listening in the deep forest of Småland


I imagine anyone who has it would be listening to stories of the countless smart people who love throwing themselves down stairs; others who stay stopped at green lights; yet others who punch themselves in the face THROUGH a cardboard panel; and last but not least, those who run an unsuccessful crusade to patent pork chops. :wink:


Liar! You dont have a DAB-radio! No-one has!


Hi :slight_smile:
It’s me.
I knew I had someone stalking me & now I know who.


Sure I know people with them. Here they are not that uncommon.




DAB sounds almost sexual, are you sure its a radio thingy? :eek:


Here DAB radios are only around £75. Lots of people can afford them.


There are quite a few at less than £50 :smiley:
Intro here
I have DAB in the home, the car & even DAB walkman. :rolleyes:
How sad is that! :doh:


radio dab never heard of it seen them advertised but dont know anyone with them


Cheapest I could find on teh interweb just now (first hit on Google was for a dental company) is [google=1998%20sek%20in%20gbp]1998[/google] SEK.
A car-model (the only car model) costs [google=6000 sek in turkish lira]6000[/google] SEK.
Biggest reason why is that no-one (besides me and SR) knows they exist and why spend insane ammounts of money on something that will cut off completely instead of giving you nice ambient noise when the reception becomes low.

There have been humor programmes made about DAB and how there are rumors of someone with a DAB-reciever in SmÃ¥land. It’s been eating money since 1995 for our beloved SR.


I’m sitting here … waiting for some pages to load … wondering wtf DAB radio is …


Digital Radio


I got a digital set top box and a digital tuner for the comp that recieves digital radio - that count? (I think it’s diff)


Does Freeview Qualify ? It has Digital Radio - or is there a difference ?


Nah wheelbarrows have wheels too but that doesnt make it a bike… Besides, no-one has DAB anyway (zebadee is just confused) :stuck_out_tongue:


I have that to.


Hi :slight_smile:
DAB users in the UK total about 1.5 million.
Prediction 20 million in 5 years.
FM signal only has to drop a maximum of 10% to revert to mono. Although you get the program just inferior quality.
DAB has to suffer 40% drop in signal to have any effect. OK no program.
In reality when in my car I’ve never lost a station. From Birmingham to Cornwall, Haverfordwest to London 100% reception.
UK leads the world in DAB.
USA seems more into satelite radio. (Series)


Heh I found out one clue why nobody has it by looking at Teracom (our broadcaster for everything broadcastable) and DAB works for 35% of the population, those who live in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Nowhere else. Its so thought through!


DAB is dead! Long live FM!