Da vinci subtitle problem

tried backing up my da vinci dvd but the subtitles have disappeared from all back up trials. full disc and film only allow “all subtitles” and not just appropriate points in film as on the original.

were did you getr your COPY of the DE VINCI it has not be released yet :confused:

received from play.com saturday

Where has it not been relesed yet??? It has been in the stores long enough here R4 Mex. that some of them are now discounting it 30%. I backed it up over a month ago.

That film has not been released yet in most parts of Europe. For instance in the Nordic region it will be released on the 8th of November.

look guy and dolls you aint helping me, i have a legitimate bonafide paid for original 2 discs sony region 2 version and when i watch the original subtitles appear when people are speaking foreign but when i backed it up with fab beta3022 it has lost those subs and the only way they will appear is if i copy “full subs” but they appear even when talking english you see.

Having been over a month since I backed it up with English/Spanish audio and English/Spanish subtitles with no problem I dug it out last night and ran it through the current version of 3026 with same results --no problem.
Why not bring your software up to date and see what happens.

Try ripping it to disk with RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter/FixVTS, then using DVD Shrink to process it and make sure the subtitles are included perhaps?

Hi woofer,

Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable filename, like Stealth_UK.zip.
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at)dvdidle.com, you need replace (at) with @.

Best Regards,

sent those ifos files to you fengtao, hope you can solve this one like all the rest. i have updated to beta 3026 and same problemn still occurs. film is picture perfect but there is so much in the first hour with sub titles.

Woofer, did you ever get a solution to your problem. I’m trying to backup my copy of Da Vinci, but I get the same problem you are - missing english subtitles for foriegn dialog in the film.

I use the DVDShrink to rip it in my HD and Nero burnt it without any problem.

I think what you need to do is set subpicture language. I’m not sure but think this is place that the put text for other language spoken scenes, but I could be wrong.


I’m using Ripit4me, which basically uses DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, FixVTS, etc.
If I copy the “Full DVD”, no problem, but I am force to fit the entire DVD onto a single-layer DVD which compresses down to less than 60%.

I’d like to split the DVD onto 2 single layer so I don’t have to loose any quality. So basically, I have to “re-author” the copy. And it’s when you do any re-authoring is where you loose the subtitles. If I include English subtitles, it puts subtitles on the entire movie, even when they are talking in english (as previously explained by woofer).

So ,when you say you used DVD shrink and Nero without any problem, did you “re-author” your copy, or did you do a “Full DVD” copy onto a single-layer DVD disc??

BIGMACNC… can you explain better what you mean and how to do it??

When a movie is in say English and people are speaking French, what those speaking French say is displayed within the picture not as a subtitle but as I understand a sub picture is needed to display that type of translation. For effect the producer and director chose to keep French speech in part of DE VINCI Code for what ever reason I’m not sure but for effect seems to be only good reason as book released in US is in total English. Hope this makes sense.


It’s too bad we can’t find a text copy of the dialog, have it converted to French and manually add our own subtitles. Sometimes the text doesn’t always match the dialog exactly.

Basically what you are talking about is forced subs. These are subs that appear regardless if you have subs turned on or off on a standalone player. They play automatically when a language is spoken other that the films main language. The sub stream is forced on in the UOP,s part of the ifo or vob file.

I dont know how dvdfab dectects forced streams, maybe someone can fill us in? Can dvdfab dectect forced subs? what does it do with them if it does.

I now dvd2one use to detect forced subs and allow you to copy that sub stream, but it use to remove the forced sub part of the UOP,s. So it automatically appeared off on the dvd unless you turned it on or edited the ifo or vob file.

It seams to be a new think, as love actually has forced subs and dvdfab version 3020 automatically copies them.

I had the same problem with the da vinci code, after a main movie copy, i was left with no forced subs in this film. Have they changed the way them input forced subs and can dvdfab handle this?

I’m planning on updating to dvdfab 3040 and i will try again, but i dont hold out much lick.

Anyone have more info on forced subs in dvdfab, i would be greatful.

p.s i dont know if dvd2one can handle forced subs better now, althought it does not have a ripper in it.

What would be good would be to find a programe that can detect forced subs, copy the substream and make it forced again in the backup copy

My experience is - correct me if I am wrong - that DVD FAB does not handle forced subs (talking about main movie). Anyway,when there are several subtitles for the same language you need choose all of them (ordinary, hard of hearing, commentary, forced) to be sure. Then select manually when playing back.

Does anyone else know if this is the correct. It seams funny to have to turn on forced subs on your copy. As you may only realise that you have them off when you are halfway throught the film.

I use to use dvd2one, and this highlighted that forced subs are present and allowed you to copy them. The only problem was it changed the UOP’s so you had to turn them on manually. I use to edit the ifo or vob file (cant remember which one) to force the forced subs back on.

When backing up with dvdfab, how do you know if the film has forced subs? I tend to copy the film from the original and watch the copy, if it does not include the forced subs im screwed.

Does anyone know how to dected if a film has forced subs, without watching it first? Does anyone know of a programe that can rip detect forced subs and copy them so they are still forced on, on the copy?